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Salons “Dakāra”: Rīga, Lāčplēša 145,
Tālr./fakss: +371 67204423, mob.: 29802911

Salons “Dakāra”: Rīga, Bauskas 13,
Tālr./fakss: +371 67625915, mob.: 29535141
+371 67327916
+371 67327917
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Seychelles offshore IBC stays asolutely tax-free if not carrying on business
in Seychelles. Other rules for Seychelles offshore companies are not to own
real estate in Seychelles and not to conduct banking and insurance operations.
Seychelles is one of the most progressive offshore centres and one of
the best tax havens providing investors all the benefits of
tax exempt status, confidentiality and company law flexibility
in a completely stable economic and political environment.
For offshore company registration in Seychelles, only one director
and one shareholder are required; each of them can be either physical person
or corporate entity. Their details do not appear in the public records.
Information about beneficial owners, directors and shareholders
is kept confidential, not becoming the part of public record.
For maintaining owner's confidentiality, nominee services are also available.
Seychelles do not have double taxation agreements with other countries, hence
information must not be shared with international business authorities.
Seychelles Special License Company is a new entity regulated by the
Companies (Special Licenses) Act 2003, with the status of a low-tax company
and using all the benefits of double tax avoidance treaties
that are not accessible for Seychelles IBC's.
The function of the BVI Registered Agent is
to incorporate the offshore company for the client and
to sign the formation documents on behalf of the client. This makes
unnecessary for the actual owner of the company to travel to the
British Virgin Islands in order to sign the offshore incorporation paperwork.
According to the new BVI Business Companies Act, Registered Agent is required
for all British Virgin Islands companies, regardless of company type
and sphere of business operations.
The requirement equally refers to onshore and offshore companies.
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