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Biroja mēbeles: Aramis Mājas kabinets no Meb.lv
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Biroja mēbeles: Sellene Mājas kabinets no Meb.lv
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Biroja mēbeles: Bīdāmas sistēmas 8 no RIPO
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Biroja mēbeles: Birojs HAZENKAMP (Bourly) no Pie Bagātas Kundzes
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Biroja mēbeles: Kabineta galds ar atvilknēm no Cleo
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Offshore BVI services include offshore company incorporation and
administration, provision of registered address and registered agent, company
management (directors and officers), nominee shareholders, bank account
introductions and management as well as corporate searches
and filings, drafting of corporate and business documentation.
The function of the BVI Registered Agent is
to incorporate the offshore company for the client and
to sign the formation documents on behalf of the client. This makes
unnecessary for the actual owner of the company to travel to the
British Virgin Islands in order to sign the offshore incorporation paperwork.
BVI company law provides minimum obligation to file any returns or reports.
BVI IBC's are not obliged to prepare or file financial accounts, annual returns or
records. However, the company must keep whatever financial records the
company Directors feel enough to show and clarify the transactions carried out,
and to determine the financial position of the offshore company.
According to the new BVI Business Companies Act, Registered Agent is required
for all British Virgin Islands companies, regardless of company type
and sphere of business operations.
The requirement equally refers to onshore and offshore companies.
There is no universal way of establishing an offshore entity -
each business situation needs the individual configuration
of an offshore company. If properly organized,
Gibraltar offshore company allows to improve business efficiency, to get
substantial tax benefits, to reduce costs and maintain confidentiality.
Economical and legal stability in Gibraltar gives additional
advantages to the owners of Gibraltar offshore companies:
not only they enjoy all the features of asset protection, but also
acquire stability and good reputation for their business.
Gibraltar offshore companies are flexible, as they can be re-domiciled
in many other offshore jurisdictions including Malta,
the British Virgin Islands and the USA.
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