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Biroja mēbeles: Biroja mēbeles 4 no Akmentiņš
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Biroja mēbeles: Biroja mēbeles 3 no Akmentiņš
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Biroja mēbeles: Biroja mēbeles 2 no Akmentiņš
AVS 2601
550.00 Ls
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Biroja mēbeles: Biroja mēbeles 1 no Akmentiņš
41.00 Ls apskatīt
Biroja mēbeles: Rejtan mājas kabinets no Meb.lv
49.00 Ls apskatīt
Biroja mēbeles: Apus mājas kabinets no Meb.lv
34.00 Ls apskatīt
Biroja mēbeles: Bellagio Mājas kabinets no Meb.lv
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Seychelles is one of the most progressive offshore centres and one of
the best tax havens providing investors all the benefits of
tax exempt status, confidentiality and company law flexibility
in a completely stable economic and political environment.
Seychelles offshore shelf companies are previously organized and
never used corporations, with registered capital and all the costs paid,
which can be purchased for customer's immediate needs, in order
to avoid the waiting time for incorporation, or for those clients
who wish to operate with long established offshore entity.
Obvious advantages of offshore company formation in Seychelles are
tax efficiency, full exemption from income tax, withholding tax,
capital gains tax, inheritance or corporation tax, minimal compliance
requirements, confidentiality and absence of foreign exchange control.
British Virgin Islands Business Companies are usually incorporated using
the English language. Provision exists for a translation of the name
to be included in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
BVI company law provides minimum obligation to file any returns or reports.
BVI IBC's are not obliged to prepare or file financial accounts, annual returns or
records. However, the company must keep whatever financial records the
company Directors feel enough to show and clarify the transactions carried out,
and to determine the financial position of the offshore company.
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