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Buveco - interjera apdare
Veikals: Buveco
Adrese: Ropažu iela 140
Tālr.: 28600583, 67543010
Faks: 67543011
E-pasts : info@buveco.lv




Riteks A - dabīgā akmens sienas paneļi
Veikals: Riteks A
Adrese: Katlakalna iela 13, Rīga
Tālr.: (+371) 29235623




Riteks A - dekoratīvas plāksnes/flīzes
Veikals: Riteks A
Adrese: Katlakalna iela 13, Rīga
Tālr.: (+371) 29235623





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Offshore company incorporation in Seychelles tax haven
has many advantages for international investors,
including tax exemption, complete confidentiality,
political stability and absence of exchange control.
Seychelles tax haven is a jurisdiction that actively promotes itself
as completely free of taxes which would otherwise be paid
in a higher tax jurisdictions.
The professional clients looking for the Seychelles company formation
on regular basis are usually provided with the most competitive prices,
qualitative service and the highest level of confidentiality.
The BVI offshore IBC formation legislation was implemented in 1984
and is constantly developed according to the demands and
requirements of international offshore community.
Personal privacy of any shareholder or director is well protected as their names
do not appear in any BVI incorporation documents and public records.
In their turn, shareholders and directors
are ensuring confidentiality of beneficiary owners.
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