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Atrodi labāko savai mājai! Apraksti savas vēlmes un saņem piedāvājumus no 89 veikaliem un ražotājiem!
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DINA - interjera dizaina studija
Veikals: DINA
Adrese: Brīvības iela Nr99 Rīga
Tālr.: (371) 26603926




Alan Deko piedāvā: Retro - izteiksmīgs akcents!
Veikals: Alan Deko
t/c DOMINA, t.67631190
t/c ALFA, t.67076466
mc2, t.67114413
t/c OLYMPIA, t.67500010
t/c SKY&MORE, t. 67853431,
Tālr.: 67062929




Interjera Salons - Studio Monaco
Veikals: Studio Monaco
Adrese: Anniņmuižas ielā 17 – IXO centrs
Tālr.: 67496826, 29 263096
Faks: 67496826




Studio Monaco - interjera dizains
Veikals: Studio Monaco
Adrese: Anniņmuižas ielā 17 – IXO centrs
Tālr.: 67496826, 29 263096
Faks: 67496826




VV Stils - interjera dizains
Veikals: V V Stils
Adrese: Mūkusalas iela 19
Tālr.: 67617382
Faks: 67617382
E-pasts : info@vvs.lv





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visi uzņēmumi veikali ražotāji pakalpojumu sniedzēji
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Seychelles offshore IBC stays asolutely tax-free if not carrying on business
in Seychelles. Other rules for Seychelles offshore companies are not to own
real estate in Seychelles and not to conduct banking and insurance operations.
Seychelles IBC's are incorporated under the
International Business Companies Act 1994, which enables for
the formation of offshore companies
with minimal compliance requirements and high confidentiality standards.
For offshore company registration in Seychelles, only one director
and one shareholder are required; each of them can be either physical person
or corporate entity. Their details do not appear in the public records.
Information about beneficial owners, directors and shareholders
is kept confidential, not becoming the part of public record.
For maintaining owner's confidentiality, nominee services are also available.
British Virgin Islands (BVI) offshore company incorporation.
BVI offshore International Business Company is a private
corporation exempt from taxes, having flexible structure and maintaining
strict confidentiality, not burdened by excessive reporting
and record-keeping requirements.
According to the new BVI Business Companies Act, Registered Agent is required
for all British Virgin Islands companies, regardless of company type
and sphere of business operations.
The requirement equally refers to onshore and offshore companies.
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